That moment is… close

For years I have always wanted to be thinner, but when it has come time to put my words into actions I have always found million reasons on why I can’t do it. From asthma to a bad day at work, you name an excuse and I have probably used it and perfected it to justify my case for not exercising. Well, the time is now. I need to get off my butt and quit being lazy. There is nothing more embarrassing than taking off my shirt in public.

I had a great conversation with a great friend that I consider as my brother. He made me an offer that definitely inspired me to make this change. I have been intrigued by the Tough Mudder events and would love to be in the physical condition to try the course. So Justin made the offer of paying for my plane ticket and hotel accommodation if I can  myself ready. 

The timeline: 6 months from today. The offer: If I can get myself into respectable condition and enter the Tough Mudder in Tahoe, then he will pay for my flight and accommodations. That is too good of a deal to pass up from someone who is trying to help motivate me.

So, follow me in this journey to lose 30-35 pounds in 6 months using Insanity as my guide. Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

My Stats as of today (2/25/2013)… 6′ – 260 lb. – 42″ waist – 44″ chest – 46″ belly

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Day 1: I feel every pound of excess weight jiggling and bouncing with every move and the people on the Insanity video almost appear to be laughing at me. My heart wants to beat through my chest and I can’t breathe. I have a long way to go, but I made it through 30 of the 48 minutes before dying. Of course I wasn’t fully able to do the complete exercise in perfect form, but I am just beginning.

Day 2: I woke up feeling like I got body slammed. Arms, back, legs and feet are hurting. Today I was able to make it about 22 out of 39 minutes before having to tap out. Everything burns and I just want to jump in a hot tub.

Day 3: Definitely feeling the burn and the PAIN. My feet are hurting, but thats what comes with years of office work and non-activity. I was able to make it through 23 out of 32 minutes today. I am looking forward to when I dont look or feel awkward doing these workouts. Now I need an ice bath and some advil. haha

Day 4: Hardest day so far. Didn’t want to get out of bed and definitely didnt want to workout, but I fell that today was the best day so far. I fell more loose and active. Everything is sore but it has been worth it so far. I am feeling a new sense of confidence and power. I can do this…

Day 5: Felt good when I woke up today. Still very sore, but in a good way. Mentally I feel like I can do ever more than yesterday, physically it is still a work in progress.

Week 2: I feel like I can do so much more, but I really need to improve my cardio. I am gassing out way too quickly. I have dropped 4 pounds since starting insanity and eating better ( 9 pounds lost total). I think the hardest part is eliminating soda from my meals. Soda has always been my addiction. Im trying to limit myself to 1 soda on my “free day”. Now that I made it past the first week, I will be updating this weekly until I hit my goal. Good Luck to everyone out there doing this. Together we can do it!